Rotor Yaesu G-5500 y controlled by PC

This equipment is set on the top of the communications tower, antennas of 2 m and 70 cm wavelength will be remote controlled from the operating position. The model used is Yaesu G-5500:



360º-450° depends on the model


North o South

Power Supply           220 Vac


6 wires in rotor and box



Wind surface area

1,0 m2

K Factor 


Braking torque

AZ: 4000 Kg/cm
EL: 4000 Kg/cm

Rotation torque

AZ: 600 Kg/cm
EL: 1400 Kg/cm

Max vertical load

30 Kg

Max vertical load intermmediate

100 Kg

Error rate

AZ: 1°
EL: 1°

Dimens. mast (mm)

AZ: 38~62 ˜
EL: 38~62 ˜

Rotation time 360°

AZ: 70 sec.

Elevation time 180°

AZ: 80 sec.

Boom diameter

EL: 32~42 ˜

Rotator (˜ x Altura)

186˜ x 245 (W) x 350 (H)


7,8 Kg

Nº wires

2 x 6

Click here to download the instruction manual.

Yaesu G-5500 supports both manual and automatic control. However, it is necessary to control it by PC in order to obtain better accuracy in its movements.

An interface to connect the PC with the rotator is needed; we are using  LVB Tracker system.

The following schematic shows a schematic of LVB Tracker:

Here is the c code of the PIC controller: lvbtracker.c

The hex code: lvbtracker.hex

Once the PCB is designed and fabricated, and the microcontroller is programmed, we would recommend testing its behavior in a PC. Click here for further information.

The protocol GS-232 is used by this controller and its compatible with the major of satellite software.

Some pictures of the LVB-Tracker working: