How to make voice contact? Step 2. ISS location.

Voice contact guide with the ISS. 2. ISS Location

In the previous section we have explained the basics of the antennas and equipment that we are going to use in order to make voice contact with ISS. We talked about the different ways to do that and we decided to make direct contact, then we need to know the position of the ISS in the sky.

A software for orbit control satellites is needed, in previous sections we have introduced it (enlace a la sección ground station: rotator) this device allow us to follow the ISS path in the sky as soon as the ISS appears in the horizon.

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To control the rotor with the PC, we need a board for the interface between the rotor and the PC. We have decided to assemble and use the LVB Tracker System.

El código del microcontrolador: lvbtracker.c

El codigo compilado: lvbtracker.hex

Once we assembled the PCB and programmed the microcontroller, we have to test it with the software in the PC. Some of these programmes are detailed here.