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We encourage you to join the GranaSAT development team.

  • Step 1

    Study a Bachelor Degree, Master or Doctorate Programme at the University of Granada

  • Step 2

    Contact us by e-mail.

  • Step 3

    Join the team.

    • Antenna rotor control
    • Transceiver control
    • Telemetry signal decoding
    • Inertial control
    • Signal strength measurement
    • Transceiver supervision
    • Transceiver remote control
    • Signal detection
    • Website upgrading
    • ISS connection
    • Orbit control management
    • 3D magnometer
    • Magneto-torque design
    • Inertial control

Power supply management

    • Sun sensor
    • Solar panels
    • Uplink/Downlink
    • UHF/VHF antennas
    • Orbital control software
    • Communication with the Genso network
    • Telemetry software
    • Orbit management
    • Administrative data


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions to the  Grana SAT team

  • What requirements must I meet to join the GranaSAT team?

1. Academic: You must be enrolled in any study programme at the University of Granada.

2. Non-academic: You should be able to work in teams in order to join the Development team, but, most importantly, you should have sufficient time to work as a manager, contributor or supervisor.

  • What do I have to do to start working at GranaSAT?

Send an e-mail to the development team so that they can include you in the contributors database. The e-mail must contain the following information:

        1. Name and surname.
        2. Contact information (e-mail, phone number).
        3. Degree and year of study.
        4. Level of English proficiency.
        5. Any abilities and skills you think may be useful for the development team.
        6. Which of the aforementioned tasks you want to participate in.
        7. Time available for the project per week.
        8. Availability to travel.

Some students are already working in some of those tasks and some working teams have been created as well. Relatively often, the development team sends e-mails that contain information about activities about to start. In case you are interested in any activity or task, you should contact us by e-mail. This way, we will provide you with the meeting information for that activity.

We are trying to form small and multidisciplinary working teams by integrating students from several degrees. Moreover, if you prove to be responsible and a good manager you can become the leader of the working team.

  • “Can I base my Degree or Master’s Thesis (TFG/TFM) on my work at GranaSAT?”

It will depend on the characteristics of the activity and the number of projects supervised by the professors participating in GranaSAT.

We recommend to every student who is interested in basing the project on his or her work at GranaSAT to contact the team leader in charge of the activity or task. The team leader will inform the professor responsible for supervising the projects related to the work carried out by the student.