Vacuum Gate Valve for Neutron Source

In this article, we will show the running of a pneumatic vacuum gate valve. This valve is going to be used in the neutron source that is being designed and built in GranaSAT. It’s main goal is to preserve the vacuum state of the whole system while the rear end of the accelerator is being manipulated and in emergency scenarios, to stop the ion beam to reach the target. Our vacuum gate valve is based on a 24 VDC solenoid valve and a compressed air system. If the solenoid valve is powered the gate opens, if not the gate closes. Moreover, a green LED has been implemented to know if the gate is powered, and therefore to be aware in which state is the gate, open (ON) or closed (OFF). A video of the pneumatic vacuum gate valve working and it’s documentation are attached below.

VAT – Series 121 – DN 100 ISO-F