ETSIIT 2024 ICT Days

In the last ETSIIT ICT Days, our PhD student Andoni Pérez, participated in a poster session with other engineers showing his Master’s Thesis and these were his impressions: “I was delighted to have been able to participate with a poster describing my Master’s Thesis “175 MHz Cavity Electromagnetic Simulation & Design of a Particle Accelerator Control System” at the 2024 ICT Days of the ETSIIT (UGR). It was a great opportunity to showcase this multidisciplinary project, which involved significant effort. In this work, we covered various branches of telecommunications engineering, including the characterization and simulation of high-power RF equipment and PCB design. Additionally, we explored the field of particle accelerators by designing and implementing a control algorithm in EPICS for a small-scale linac. It was a pleasure both to present my work and to learn about the projects of my fellow colleagues.”