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Kit Model: CTR-30 (three-color light) / CTR-30C (Colorful light)

Operating voltage: DC4.5-5V

Power supply: 3 AA batteries or USB charger

Dimensions: 60mm * 136mm * 60mm (L*W*H)

CTR-30 flash Christmas tree kit consists of three circuit board, allows 36 LED flash alternately, showing a Christmas tree in the space of three-dimensional profile (the night environment has better viewing).

Production steps:

Esquemático del producto

Step 1:  Welding CTR-30A circuit board (referred to as A board)

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  1. Soldering four resistors (R1 R3 R5 R7)
  • Welding three resistance (R2 R4 R6)
  • Welding three transistors, with horizontal installation (with directions)
  • Welding three electrolytic capacitors, use horizontal mounting (with direction)
  • Welding red LED (with direction)), the red LED numbered D1 ~ D6.
  • After folded pin, inserted into the corresponding holes (note the mounting direction)
  • The red LED welding finished (No. D1 ~ D6)
  • Welding yellow LED (with direction), No. D7 ~ D12
  • Welding green LED (with direction), number D13 ~ D18

Now,  A board welding finish.

Next using the same method welding CTR-30B circuit board , referred to as B board.

A board and B board has different mounting positions of the two elements:

1. R2 R4 R6 resistance has different mounting position

2. The red, green and yellow LED has different mounting position

  1. After A board and B board both are welding finish, you can power test whether two plates normal light flashes. A, B board need to continue normal flashing and continue the following step.

11. Welding CTR-30C circuit board, called C board .Welding a DC socket (with direction)

  1. Welding a key switch (with direction)
  1. A board and B board combination (with direction, the two plates are positioned like the arrow below), after two positioning arrows are aligned, use a soldering iron to put the two board together.
  1. Assembly the battery box and C board

A. welding the wire battery case

B. fixed the battery case with screws and nuts

  1. Combination of A, B, C board (with direction)
  1. Welding the top LED (with direction)

Congratulation!! You finish the kit!!

  CTR-30 (three-color light)

  CTR-30C (Colorful light)