Metal Shop Calculator

Metal Shop Calculator

Shopcalc is for metalworkers a very useful program. It is written by Richard Sanders (Thanks for your free program). The program can be used in inch and metric. It can be set in different languages.

With this program you can make the following calculations.

  1. Calculating the relationships between chord, arc and sector.
  2. All calculations related to right angle triangles.
  3. All calculations related to obtuse and acute triangles.
  4. Calculations for the making of dovetails.
  5. Calculating the coordinates for drilling hole circles.
  6. Calculations for the measurement of screw thread.
  7. Calculations for setting up a divide head.
  8. Calculations for tap drills.
  9. Calculations related to regular polygons.
  10. Calculations for making gears.
  11. Convert degrees, inch to metric, temperatures.

Below you can see some examples.

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Angles can be entered as a decimal value or Degrees : Minutes : Seconds. Resulting values can be set to show from 1 – 6 decimal places.
Conversion from inch to metric or metric to inch.

Choose a 60 degree, 45 degree or define your own dovetail angle. Define the width and height of the dovetail and where the clearance will be. Should the dovetail have a gib you can set the gib thickness.
Conversion from inch to metric or metric to inch.

All the gear calculations are done, even for measuring backlash. You can use it for Modul gears and for DP gears.

Many thanks to Richard Sanders for sharing his program.

Candidates who want to translate the texts of this program in their own language are always welcome.

You can download the program for your own use and use it on your own risk.

After extracting the zip file, rename the file
shopcalc.ex_ to shopcalc.exe