Seminar: Physics students in Aerospace Engineering

We are happy to announce that we have organized the seminar: Physics students in Aerospace Engineering. I will take place on Friday, 26th May at Faculty of Sciences, room F2. During the seminar, four student of 3rd and 4th curse of the degree are going to share with us their experience at GranaSAT Project where they have developed their research activities in Aerospace Engineering.

All registered students will receive a certificate

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12:00-12:10 Presentation of the Seminar by our coordinator
12:10-12:30 Acoustic emission during trace fusing in printed circuit boards
12:30-13:00 Design of a platform to test barometric sensors
13:00-13:30 Attitude control of an university pico-satellite in LEO orbit
13:30-14:00 Sun simulator that recreates radiation conditions during solar panels test