MATLAB Training from University College of Southeast Norway – Faculty of Technology

Dear all !!

I attach this MATLAB training information to all the students interested in MATHs and Engineering simulation.   Thanks to Hans-Petter Holvorsen for his great documentation.

MATLAB Training

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Here you will learn basic MATLAB and how to use MATLAB in Modelling, Simulation and Control applications. An introduction to Simulink and other Tools will also be given.

Table of Contents:

MATLAB Training Part 1 – Introduction to MATLAB
The MATLAB Environment (IDE), MATLAB Basics, Vectors and Matrices, Plotting, Scripts (m-files), User-defined Functions, Flow Control (if…elseif…else, while, switch…case).

MATLAB Course - Part 1

MATLAB Training Part 2 – Modelling, Simulation and Control
Solving Differential Equations (ODEs), Discrete Systems, Interpolation/Curve Fitting, Numerical Differentiation/Integration, Optimization, Transfer Functions/State-space Models, Frequency Response.

MATLAB Course - Part 2

MATLAB Training Part 3 – Simulink and Advanced Topics
Introduction to Simulink Combining Simulink & MATLAB (Data-driven Modelling), Debugging in MATLAB, More about functions, More about Plots, Using Cells in the MATLAB Editor, Importing Data, Structures and Cell Arrays.

MATLAB Course - Part 3