Walkie económico Baofeng UV-3R

UV-3R 2M/70cm 2W Hand Held (URL Original)

There are several versions of the “UV-3R” sold by Baofeng (Fujian Nanâan Baofeng Electronics Co. Ltd). These versions are the original UV-3R, the UV-100, UV-100 MKII, UV-200, UV-200 MKII, UV-3R MKII, UV-3R+, etc, This then led to the UV-5R, etc, etc, etc. Baofeng now use the brand name Pofung outside of China (crazy!).

Vero (Vero Global Communication Co.,Ltd) also sell a version of the UV-3R, as well as the UV-X4, UV-X5 (same as TH-UV3R) and the UV-E5.

KYD (China New Century (Quanzhou) Communication Electronics Co.,Ltd) also sell a version of the UV-100, UV-200, UV-300, UV-500, UV-600 and UV-5H as well as a range of waterproof handhelds.

TYT (TYT Electronics Co.,Ltd) also sell the TH-UV3R (same as UV-X5) and TH-F8 (same as UV-5R), plus a range of other radios.

There are also some “badged” versions of the above available. The team that developed the UV-3R have started a revolution in ham radio. We now wait for the VHF/UHF mobile range to arrive (now arrived) and then the HF range (on its way!) see here FT-808 on You Tube.

There are now many radios with variations on the “UV” theme. These include the Ronson UV-8R, Quansheng TG-UV2, Waccom UV-5R (WUV-5R) and UV-6R, etc, etc, etc. There are numerous versions of the UV-5R.

For the more common model differences download the “UV3R Model Differences” .xls spreadsheet below.

If you want to know more about the UV-3R and to contribute to the understanding of how it works then I suggest you join the Yahoo group at Yahoo UV-3R Group In particular they maintain a very useful FAQ document which makes things a lot easier to understand.

All information, software, etc is provided in good faith and at your risk.


The remarkable UV-3R MKII transceivers have 3 main i.cs (RX/TX, micro and FM radio) to provide a very low cost 2W dual band easy to use radio covering 136-174 and 400-470Mhz. They use the Fuji type NP60 (or Kodak Klic-5000 or Casio NP30) mobile phone battery so you do not have to buy any special spare batteries (some of the newer models use special batteries i.e. UV-3R+). The radio includes a dual band antenna for 2M and 70cms, charger and UK adapter, belt clip, manual, Li-on battery and charger cradle (although you should charge the battery in the radio and I don’t recommend you use the cradle). There are 99 memories configurable with TX/Rx Freqs, CTCSS, CDCSS, wide/narrow, hi/low power, etc which can be set through the keypad. Computer configuration is optional and requires a cable (simple to make). If you want to listen to broadcast FM radio 87-108 MHz then that is built in as well. The manuals are not 100% correct due to software updates. The UV-3R is well built and reliable.

Brochures and Manuals

UV-3R Original Brochure………UV-3R Brochure

UV-3R Original Manual…………UV-3R User Manual

UV-3R MKII/UV-X4 Brochure……….UV-3R MKII/UV-X4 Brochure

UV-3R MKII zipped Manual…………UV-3R MKII zipped User Manual

UV-X4 Manual (also OK for UV-3R MKII)………… UV-X4 User Manual

UV-3R+Plus Manual…………UV-3R+Plus Manual

TYT TH-UV-3R Manual…………TH-UV-3R Manual

TYT-800 Manual…………TYT-800 Manual

Zastone DP860 Manual…………Zastone DP860 Manual

UV-3R Pc Cable

UV-3R Programming Cable choose UK or EU postage

USB to TTL Converter

USB to TTL Converter UK only

Diagrams, Cheat Sheet, Model Differences, Interfaces and Software

UV-3R Original Circuit diagram……….UV-3R Diagram

UV-3R Original Cheat Sheet……….UV-3R Cheat Sheet by ZL2GVA

UV-3R Charger Circuit Diagram…………….UV3R Charger Circuit

UV-3R Model Differences…………….UV-3R Model Differences

UV-3R/UV-X4 Computer Interface Diagram…………UV-3R Interface

CP2102 Driver…………Silicon Labs website

UV-3R/UV-X4 Computer Interface Diagram by HA4BF…………UV-3R/UV-X4 HA4BF Interface (untested comments please)

UV-3R/UV-5R/Etc Serial Computer Interface by W3BC………..Simple DIY Serial Interface

UV-3R/UV-X4 Software V1.11 (Latest Version)……UV-3R Software (V1.11)

Chirp Software (Rig Programming Software)….. Chirp Dan Planet

UV-3R Old Software………UV-3R – V1.01, V1.08, V1.09 and V1.10 zipped

TYT Software….. TH-UV3R, etc

TYT-800 Software….. TYT-800 Software

TYT-800 Document….. TYT-800 Document

Zastone Mini 7 Software (I think this radio is based on a UHF UV3R as its got the same programming cable and the same FM loud volume issue)….. Mini 7 Software

Zastone DP860 Software….. Zastone DP860 Software

PX-777 Service Manual (interesting document)…………PX-77 Service Manual

TH UV-3R Programming Cable ~ revised! (I thank Tony Zhang for testing) TYT UV-3R

Try here if you cannot find the software or drivers you need….. Lots of software here!

If you have problems with Windows 7 and Prolific drivers then this may help (or check out the 409 or Wouxun sites to find the right drivers, the link is on the next page)…W7 & Prolific USB

Out of range UV-3R….. by I6IBE

Wiki UV3R….. Wiki UV3R

VE3PZR 220MHz UV-3R Software Modder….. 220Mhz Auto Modder

I6IBE using a UV-3R on satellite….. Computer and Digital Interface

M0NSA using a UV-3R on Echolink….. Low-Power Remote Control/Echolink Node

Free Radio Network….. Using the PC based FRN 2012 protocol

Baofeng 480 Software…………BF480 Software also for BF-888S, H777 (this software may show a Trojan, but it is OK)

Golden Spring…………Software for G-6300, G-6700 and G-3800

Dangerous Goods Act Policy from Maxell………Lithium Ion Batteries

UK Dangerous Goods Act Policy from Royal Mail………All Goods

IATA Document………IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document – 2013


Lior Elazary UV3R Hack video….. UV3R youtube hack

Lior Elazary UV3R Hack video… UV3R 1st Firmware version

Lior Elazary UV3R Hack….. Take a look at the UV3R section

Lior Elazary on UV3R Yahoo Group….. Lior Thread

Lior Elazary GitHub Hack….. More to follow

Lior Elazary GitHub Docs….. More to follow

Science Week CZ UV3R Hack….. In Czech
Arduino Uno R3

UNO R3 with Free USB Cable

Programming the AD9850 with Arduino (text from OK QRP INFO the Czech QRP magazine #92)

The Arduino UNO R3, AD9850 and LCD Display can be used to make a VFO for your HF homebrew radio

AD9850 with Arduino

Hints and Tips

Battery Life ~ We suggest that you always charge and then operate the radio until the battery runs out and then re-charge. Do not be tempted to charge and then re-charge again without discharging as you may damage the battery.

There have been some issues with Prolific USB interface converters. Check out the 409 site to find the right drivers (the link is on the next page). An easier option is to buy a Silicon Labs CP210x type USB to UART bridge as shown above (make sure it is 3.3V or dual 3.3V/5V version). They are easier to get working and are cheaper. Available either from us or Ebay.

The DC power plug on the radio is 2.5 X 0.7mm, Note +ve is the outer and -ve the inner.

All information, software, etc is provided in good faith and at your risk.

Baofeng UV-3R: Expanded Frequencies

In addition to the old trick of opening up the ability to store alpha tags in the Baofeng UV-3R, Frank Fort notes in the comments that he’s opened up the frequencies available to his radio via the software:

“Baofeng Uv-3r Mark 11 is now with a 115Mhz to 530Mhz TX and RX modification, with the modded program…

  • Close the UV-3R Mark 11 software if you have it running.
  •  Browse to folder where the software is installed. (The default is C:Program FilesUV3R.)
  •  Double-click the “setting.ini” file.
  • I tried copy and paste but didn’t worked for me so i just changed manually for this.




  • Close the file and save the changes.
  • Run the UV-3R Mark 11 software.

The (Name) option will work in the program only,not on the Baofeng but you can take notes.

So now you have now 3 frequencies choices in the menu up left in the program window. Now that’s fun…I have a Baofeng Mark 11 with 19 menu options and work very well…”

Anyone else try it and have any luck? I know with the Wouxon that you can open it up and receive, but that the radio isn’t designed to transmit outside the original frequencies.