Historical AMSAT Newsletters

Historical AMSAT Newsletters

Note: I’ve moved the early amateur packet radio newsletters to a separate page.

This is a collection of early AMSAT newsletters. Those of us who were around in the early years all looked so young

The AMSAT Newsletter

AMSAT Newsletter, June 1969
AMSAT Newsletter, October 1969
AMSAT Newsletter, December 1969
AMSAT Newsletter, December 1972
AMSAT Newsletter, 1973
AMSAT Newsletter, 1974
AMSAT Newsletter, 1975
AMSAT Newsletter, 1976
AMSAT Newsletter, 1977
AMSAT Newsletter, 1978
AMSAT Newsletter, 1979

AMSAT Satellite Report

AMSAT Satellite Report, 1981 (starting with the first issue)
AMSAT Satellite Report, 1982
AMSAT Satellite Report, 1983
AMSAT Satellite Report, 1984
AMSAT Satellite Report, 1985
AMSAT Satellite Report, 1986
AMSAT Satellite Report, 1987
ASR continued publication until 1990. I’m sure I have them somewhere; when I find them I’ll scan them too.

AMSAT Orbit Magazine


AMSAT Orbit issue 1, March 1980
AMSAT Orbit issue 2, June-July 1980
AMSAT Orbit issue 3, September-October 1980
AMSAT Orbit issue 4, November-December 1980


AMSAT Orbit issue 5, January-February 1981
AMSAT Orbit issue 6, March-April 1981
AMSAT Orbit issue 7, May-June 1981
AMSAT Orbit issue 8, August-September 1981


AMSAT Orbit issue 9, January-February 1982
AMSAT Orbit issue 10, March-April 1982
AMSAT Orbit issue 11, July-Aug 1982


AMSAT Orbit issue 12, January-February 1983
AMSAT Orbit issue 13, March-April 1983
AMSAT Orbit issue 14, May-June 1983
AMSAT Orbit issue 15, September-October 1983
AMSAT Orbit issue 16, November-December 1983


AMSAT Orbit issue 17, January-February 1984
AMSAT Orbit issue 18, March-April 1984
AMSAT Orbit issue 19, November-December 1984

AMSAT Technical Journal

AMSAT Technical Journal 1, Summer 1987
AMSAT Technical Journal 2, Winter 1987-88

AMSAT Satellite Journal

AMSAT Satellite Journal, issues 1-7, Jan-Feb 1985-Jan-Feb 1986

These files are all in pdf format, containing images of the original pages. There’s no text so they cannot be searched. When I figure out how to add it, I will. The image versions will remain because OCR technology just isn’t that reliable.


Many thanks to the following for all their help in locating and scanning these old issues!

Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
Perry Klein, W3PK
Rick Hambly, W2GPS
Dave Oman, VE3SAT
Dick Daniels, W4PUJ
Robert Rossi, NA2X

Stay tuned, there’s more to come. I’ve been on a paper eradication campaign at home, scanning and recycling as much paper as I can. I’m using the Fujitsu ScanSnap 510M with good success.

Phil Karn, KA9Q, 19 December 2009