Horizon sensor

The software team is making some progress with the Horizon Sensor algorithm. Even if it has to be extremely improved, we are happy to see the first results.

The algorithm is being tested with the videos the COMPASS team recorded at the BEXUS 9 campaign. They fly two cameras in their experiment in order to record the whole gondola flight and, some days ago, they kindly send them to us to test our program. These images are helping us very, very much in the testing phase of our code, so: thank you, COMPASS team!

In the video below you can see the first iteration of our algorithm implementation. The red line drawn in the left image is the circumference that the algorithm approximates after detecting the Earth’s horizon. In the right image, the output of the canny filter can be seen. In this first testing iteration, we have also added a threshold slide to test different input values to the algorithm.

Note: If you see the red circumference dances too much, don’t worry, the software team is working hard in these issues. Furthermore, the circumferences also need to have some fun from time to time.