Still Working

Still Working

The team met again last Monday to discuss issues about the project and the REXUS/BEXUS programme. This time we held the meeting at the headquarters of the Students Association of the University of Granada.

We started to plan the trip to Kiruna, we went over some technical aspects and we did some brainstorming to develop a marketing strategy.

The trip is getting closer and we are very excited. We have already looked for the flights and we are about to buy them, the only thing left is to find some nice warm clothes!

Teresa explained the position of the Raspberry in the structure according to her work at the mechanical design department and Manu shared his progress with origami for the flexible heater.

At the end of the meeting, we mentioned the possibility of developing a crowdfunding project. We considered several gift ideas to give to those who would help us that we had already talked about and we came up with some new ones.

This meeting was, once again, a very productive, stimulating and creative meeting. We are very happy with the results, even though we are exhausted after all the work and energy we are devoting to this project. We will meet again soon, we are still working!