Piezas para impresión 3D para Cubesat

En esta WEB están disponibles las descripciones 3D para la impresión en ABS de la estructura de un CubeSAT



ArduSat – The Arduino CubeSat Satellite (full scale model)





Published on Jul 24, 2012
This thing was Featured on Sep 14, 2012

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by JoelSpark



This is a full scale (moderately simplified) 3D printer-ready copy of the ArduSat, the wildly successful Kickstarter.com satellite for personal space exploration (received $106,330 funding, 3X their original goal!).

I am a supporter of the project, and have worked closely with Joel Spark (provided the original stl files) of the ArduSat team to create the first 3D print of this online. My daughter will be doing a week of ArduSat space science in 2013 when this launches (proud Dad).

For space science enthusiasts, see the links below for more background on the ArduSat project:




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MakerBot Replicator was used for this print. I’ve grouped and modified a couple of the original files to make it easier to print. Specifically, I’ve positioned the individual computer boards for optimal printing (Use raft/full support on all of them). Also I’ve grouped the frame elements for a single print. As well, I’ve designed the frame rods with an end cap on tinkercad.com and included them here.

ArduSat_FlatFrame (contains top, bottom, 4 vertical beams, and 4 rods)
ArduSat_FrameRod_4 (separate print of 4 rods… if they break on you)

The most difficult part of this print is cleaning all the support material off of each component! Also, I did not included the spacers in the files, as the rods are a little to wide for them. I might work on that and upload a cleaned version of them in the future. As well, I may include all of the solar panels in a single print once I get the original STLs from the ArduSat team.

Toy model (a little solid model of the entire ArduSat with all panels on it):

ArduSat_ALL.zip (I’ve also included a compressed folder with everything)

Overall, this takes the better part of a day to print, but the resulting full scale ArduSat model is really a great thing to hold in your hand and cool desk conversation piece. This satellite will be launched in mid 2013, and used by hundreds of supporters all over the world to do unique space science experiments using the Arduino and sensor payload.

For space science enthusiasts, see the links below for more background on the project: