Searching a student to Measure Temperature in a Thermal Vacuum Chamber

We are looking for a student of Telecommunications Bachelor or Electronics Engineer in the 2nd or 3rd year who wants to improve his knowledge in MATLAB and Temperature sensors and measurement techniques.

Satellite configuration for testing

The Item under test is the Protoflight assembly of the GranaSAT cubesat in the TVAC chamber we are fabricating in Granada:

  • Measure Low Vacuum with a vacuum meter.
  • Measure 4 temperatures with an electronic measurement device controlled by RS232 and MATLAB.

Test Results

The test we want to perform should be completed successfully according to specifications. Below you can see the temperature diagrams for Bake-out and Thermal-Vacuum runs we will do.


tvac-cyclingData from Patras (Greece) cubesat development team.

If you are interested in learning how to measure sun Radiation come to our office in the Sciences Faculty or write to Prof. Andrés Roldán (